As I browse through the user’s manual of Badger 5 garbage disposal from InSinkErator, I have learned that this important kitchen tool could last around 10 to 12 years. Mine is already 3 years in service, but there are times that kitchen chores become hassle because of drain clogs. Thus, I have shared some basic maintenance tips to avoid clogs. Garbage disposals are incredible kitchen tool, but similar to any type of machine, they must be used with proper care.

Maintenance Tips For The New Garbage Disposal From Badger 5

Garbage Disposal MachinePrimarily, while you are shopping for a new garbage disposal, make certain that you choose one with the convenient HP rating you need. Search for a type that can turn the internal rod manually, during clogs or jams. I recommend the Badger 5 series.

In using the garbage disposal, make certain to let the water flow during and after you use the tool. I also suggest that you use cold water, since it could help in coagulating grease for easy elimination. Aside from that, hot water is believed to put some strain on the motor of the disposal.

I am annoyed at some people who think that garbage disposals can grind up anything so they just toss large bits of food all at the same time, as if it is a meat grinder. This will certainly lead to clogged disposals. Large bones are not for garbage disposals. Toss them at the trash bin or compost. I strongly recommend putting tiny bits of food particles down the disposal by small batches.

Keeping The Garbage Disposal Clean Is The Key

I always make certain that my Badger disposal is clean at all times. This will help in lowering the instances of clogs that I have to deal with. One effective way is to toss several pieces of ice cubes and salt, then let cold water flow freely. Aside from salt, vinegar is a good alternative.

Another important part of the disposal that you need to clean is the drainage pipe. I usually follow these steps – plug the stopper over the drain, fill the sink with water, then pull the stopper while running the disposal. Do this regularly, especially after grinding hard food particles. The running water will pull through the drainage pipe and will discard away bits of food.

Never Put Your Hand Inside The Disposal

Garbage Disposal Diagram

Before learning more tips on how to effectively maintain the condition of your disposal, I would like to remind you about the most crucial rule in using this kitchen tool – NEVER put your hand or finger inside the disposal. Don’t even think about manually de-clogging the blades since you can be critically injured.

Another reminder, always keep the blades sharp. I have read some online sources that suggest various things to put down to sharpen the disposal blades. However, I would only recommend ice cubes, since they are natural and effective.

Humming Issues Of Badger Garbage Disposal

Among several concerns I have faced with my disposal is turning on the switch and not hearing any sound, even a faint hum. This could mean that there is problem in the power supply. What I usually do is to turn off the disposal, and then I make certain that the disposal is connected to the electrical circuit. If you think the circuit is fine and the unit is plugged but the Badger 5 garbage disposal still doesn’t work, it is time to consult a skilled plumber sort things out.