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The Badger 5 garbage disposal is an important part of my kitchen sink. So I ensure that they are cleaned and maintained regularly to eliminate bad odor. For first-timers, I recommend rinsing your dishes with cold water, since the grease will coagulate once cooled and will be shredded by the disposal blades. After I rinse the food down the drain, I would usually pour some dish washing liquid then cold water.

Natural Ways To Clean The Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

I prefer natural ways in cleaning my garbage disposal. Aside from being cheap, these are also safe to use. I suggest lemon peel and ice. All I need to do is to turn on the disposal, put several ice cubes in the drain then add some lemon peels. The blades will be sharpened by the ice cubes, and the peels will leave an aromatic scent.

Another natural alternative in cleaning the garbage disposal is using cold water and baking soda. Fill the sink with cold water and add a cup of baking soda. Remove the stopper then turn on the disposal until all the water is drained.

Using Commercial Cleaning Products

There are times that natural cleaners can’t get rid of bad smell from the drain. A good alternative that I use is a foaming cleanser that you can be poured down the disposal and grinds the food bits and grease as it produces foams. You can look for cleansers that are already scented to eliminate bad odor. Some cleansers also come with bleach to get a deep clean.

I also recommend gel cleansers that come in capsules or pods that burst when the drain breaks them up. This can also clean the blades and will produce a long lasting scent. These gel cleansers also have active ingredients that will prevent any clog of particles and any bad odor.

How To Deodorize Your Garbage Disposal Machine

“What’s that smell?” is a usual statement I hear around my kitchen that signifies deficiency in the drain. Clogged drains in the kitchen sink are usually a notorious source for any foul smell.

Numerous factors could be the cause for bad smelling kitchen sink. Food particles and grease could clog in the area underneath the drain inside the garbage disposal.

I have observed that anotDimensions of Badger Garbage Disposalher usual source of bad smelling drain is deficient water drainage inside the drain trap. A trap system is built to preserve a supply of water that interferes with the bad smell to emanate. A defective trap could affect this water supply, but it is quite easy to repair. However if the smell still remains and it doesn’t disappear, I usually call a skilled plumber to do the job.

How To Eliminate Odor

I recommend putting lemon or citrus into the garbage disposal. This can help to keep the drain fresh and eliminate odor caused by food bits and sludge in the sink. On the other hand, while ice cubes will not completely eliminate the bad smell, it can help discard the source. Placing several ice cubes could help freshen up the blades and ground up the items in the Badger 5 garbage disposal.