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I’ve been there – I was running my Badger 5 garbage disposal and I just know that something is not right. When I checked under the drain, I have seen drops of water leaking. This is an important kitchen concern since a leaking disposal could be the cause of mold growth under the sink. I think there is no need to get the services of a plumber immediately. Here are some tips that I have also done to repair and avoid a leaking garbage disposal.

Steps In Repairing A Leaking Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

I usually begin looking for the leak by running the garbage disposal. I would let the water flow, turn on the Badger and examine under the drain. It is easy to spot the source of the leak since you can see water drops forming. I have observed that the usual places that your garbage disposal could leak – over the drain flange, at the hose connection with the sink or dishwasher, at the outflow pipe, or from within the disposal.

Repairing The Leak From The Drain Flange

The drain flange is the part where the garbage disposal suits the kitchen sink. While observing the running disposal, I normally see the leak underneath the drain and on the portion where the drain is connected with the disposal.

If you are certain that this is the origin of the leak, turn off the disposal by flipping the switch or cutting off power from the main circuit breaker. Twist the garbage disposal clockwise at the brackets to unscrew it then detach the piece from the frame. When the disposal is completely detached, fasten the screw bolts.

If still the disposal is leaking, I suggest you get some plumbing putty. All you need to do is to unscrew the bolts then detach the drain flange over the sink. Put some putty between the flange and the surface of the sink. Fasten the bolts and secure the drain flange. Normally, the putty will gush out, so you must wipe it immediately. Re-attach the garbage disposal and then turn on the power.

Repairing Leaks From DishwashPlumbing jober Pipe

The dishwasher pipe is connected to the rear of the garbage disposal, several inches underneath the drain. I think the leak from this part comes from the hose itself. I suggest tightening the clamp on the pipe and search for leaks from the crevices. However, if the pipe is too damaged, I highly recommend immediate replacement or call a skilled plumber to check the unit.

Repairing Leaks From The Badger 5 Garbage Disposer

I have observed that there are instances that the garbage disposal could leak. If I notice any water leak from the disposal itself, it is a good indicator that I need a new one for my kitchen. Well, you can detach the disposal and replace the flanges and the caps, but I think this will not last long.

In finding a new replacement, I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the parts of the Badger garbage disposal before you visit a plumbing shop.